Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Snail's Pace Progress - October Updates

Well, not much has been done at all during the month of September.  Here were my goals:

  • 33% progress on quilting Farmer's Wife - HA HA!  I wound bobbins and adjusted the rails.
  • Sew a bag - any of the three on my UFO list nope
  • Make significant progress on either NAWWAL or the String Star - that depends on the meaning of "significant"
  • Finish the Rosalind Sweater nope
Maybe I can claim a bonus point for finishing the Circle of Fun rug.  But overall, teachers shouldn't expect to have a life outside of school during September.

This is Not All Who Wander Are Lost so far.  I did the Rivendell block on the lower right in September.  It is painfully obvious that I need to scale back my expectations a bit, but this is a fun project.

Goals for October: 
  • Start quilting Farmer's Wife.  It will be a multi-month project.  Just. Start. It.
  • Finish Quarta's socks
  • Finish Rosalind
  • "Fair" progress on both NAWWAL and the String Star.
Bonus points for making boxer shorts, hand applique blocks, or a baby quilt or blankie.  That's it!

Here are Quarta's socks, using Tofutsies yarn and the Sweet Tomato Heel.  They are coming along and it would be reasonable to finish them this month.  I'm reading, at the moment, How Civilizations Die (And Why Islam is Dying Too) by David Goldman, and Fyre, by Angie Sage.

The good news is that it's meatloaf for dinner, the Best Meatloaf Ever from Don't Panic- Dinner's in the Freezer.  I bought 11 pounds of ground beef, turkey and pork and there are 5 loaves in the freezer now as well as the one on the table.

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Unknown said...

I just posted after you and thought I'd check out what my neighbor is up to and I am blown away! WOW! I am still reeling over the comment, "I bought 11 pounds of ground beef." :) I am so impressed with your paper piecing! They are in progress masterpieces! And you are knitting, AND teaching! Not to mention blogging. You need a Yipee Yahoo! And a hug!

Gooba Designs said...

Wow, great work for sure! The paper piecing is awesome, I personally still have not tried my hand at that one. I also have a Farmer's Wife quilt on my list, but I am at 0% right you certainly have me beat!

Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Your paper piecing looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, teachers have a life in September? Not really! Or most other months of the school year, either. =) Love the Rivendell block and the socks. You'll have those done in no time! Your humor definitely is amusing. Good luck with this month's goals.