Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March finishes, April Goals

We've been travelling and enjoying Spring Break, so I'm blogging in the cool morning air in Scottsdale.  I'll want to do a travelogue sometime, but pictures aren't available yet.  Here's what I finished in March, and what I want to do in April.

My goals for March:
  1. True to my habit, I drew a random #3 from my master list - Bowling Style Knitting Bag.  Not done.
  2. Quilt, bind, and give away the Easy Street quilt.  Done.
  3. Finish Crumbs quilt top for Cedar Tree auction.  Done.
  4. Finish current Steve socks and begin the next sock project, whatever it is. It may be the argyles hibernating from last year. Done, and I'm on the heel of the second argyle.
  5. Finish that knit cotton yarn bathmat that I dug out of cold storage this month. Done
  6. For fun, play with the Scrappy trip-along. I started.  Don't know if I'd consider it done. 
So now, I'll list the goals for April and link up to Judy L's UFO party
  1. Randomly drew # 8: Easy Street quilt top, which as you can see above, is done.  So I'll make my random goal the one from last month that didn't get done: sewing the bowling-style knitting bag.
  2. Finish the argyles, and start a pair of socks for Steve.
  3. Finish collecting signatures on the Crumbs auction quilt, quilt it and bind it, and turn it over to the auction.
  4. Finish the clean-up of the sewing area.  And then we can think about the next quilt.
I'll keep it somewhat light this month because we're travelling for a few more days still and last month was a little too crazy.  I still have to enter and update all my grades for the 3rd quarter but I'm trying to pretend I'm retired and living the easy life for a few more days still.

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