Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WIP Wednesday: A New Quilter

Here's a finish to start off my WIP Wednesday post.  My 9-year old daughter Quarta (her blogname... I don't like to give minor children's real names on the internet) made this quilt all by herself with lessons from me.  Actually, she did most of the work on it when she was still 8, over several Saturday quilting get-togethers at the church, with fabric donated by some of the other quilting ladies.  She had the idea of doing the appliques in the alternate blocks; teapot and teacup and a cupcake.  After she picked up the idea of applique she really took off and designed the table and chair and candle all by herself.
I quilted it for her and showed her how to do the binding and sew on the label, which she did all by herself after that.  It's a great quilt for snuggling under, and the cats are already making themselves at home on it.  She brought it to school with her today for show and tell.
I did 5 Farmer's Wife Quilt blocks this last week.  Here's #64, Peace and Plenty.  Lots of HSTs.
#65, Peaceful Hours.  I had been dreading this one, but after drafting it out on graph paper and paper-piecing it it really was not that time-consuming to do, and I LOVE how it turned out.  The solid gray and yellow were good choices; I would hate to have done all the paper-piecing with busy prints and then not have the design pop.
#66, Periwinkle.  After Peaceful Hours, Periwinkle was a cinch to paper-piece.
#67, Pine Tree.  I've decided I really should make my HSTs slightly larger and trim them to exact size for these small blocks, and that pays off in blocks like this.  I've been making a lot of tree blocks for the Crumb-Along quilt, so it was kind of funny working on this one and being really precise.
#68, Postage Stamp.  Just because I easily could, I chose 36 different fabrics for the squares for this block.

And the Crumb-Along:  I am almost ready to start sewing together.  I have more than 120 blocks and plan to make a twin-sized quilt.  Maybe I'll have something to share on that link soon.   I'm getting really antsy to clean my sewing area and put away all those crumbs soon, but they're still there for now! I admit, it's kind of fun to dig and rummage through the huge pile and just see what I come up with. But seriously, the cat slept there last night. One or two more days should do it, and then we'll get back to just mildly messy.

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Dee said...

What a fun and happy quilt! She (and you) should be very proud! Love the quilt blocks.