Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crumb quilt top complete

I kicked it into high gear over the weekend and the last few days, and I now have a completed quilt top in the Crumb-along hosted by Jo's Country Junction.  I really fell in love with this technique, and had a lot of fun rummaging through my teeniest scraps and seeing what I could do that was crazy, but not too crazy.  I used up a lot of scraps, made a big mess, and have started cleaning it up again and wondering about what the next project will be.  As part of the cleanup I've considered using Bonnie Hunter's scrap user's system, which I also learned about from Jo.  Seems like a neat idea and I certainly have a lot of scraps to organize, but what might keep me from doing it is that secretly, I like to dump all the scraps out and rummage through the mess.  I believe there are scraps from every quilt I've ever made in this top, and that's saying something. 
About half the blocks are free-form log cabin or crazy quilt style, and of the rest I made lots of tree blocks and stars, and 3 little heart blocks.  Dark green was my unifying color, but there's a lot of everything else in there too.

I have big plans for this quilt top.  Since I work at Cedar Tree Classical Christian School, and since we have an auction coming up in the spring, and since I've done two previous tree-themed signature quilts for the auctions in earlier years, I'm going to get every single student at the school to pick a patch on this quilt and sign it.  I think it will be the perfect size for one of our graduating seniors to take off to college.  I hope it's the subject of a bidding war.  It's always fun travelling around to all the classrooms to collect the signatures.  This quilt is much more informal than the others I've done, but I think that makes it even more fun for the kids to find a special spot for their signatures, and then find them again later on.  I think I'll call it "Silva Rhetoricae" (Forest of Rhetoric).  Quilts always sound better with Latin titles!  Maybe I'll even have it quilted and bound by the beginning of 2012.  A big thanks to Jo for hosting the quilt-along and giving me the inspiration to do something with all those scraps!


Elaine M said...

The top looks wonderful. Love all the trees and stars. It's a great idea to get all the signatures. Lucky senior!

Anonymous said...

I love your crumb quilt with so many figurative blocks ! Trees, hearts, houses, stars, well it is a whole landscape !

Deb A said...

I just love how your quilt came out. Great idea with the signatures.... I'll bet the bidding war is fierce to get to take that lovely quilt home with them.