Saturday, October 13, 2012


Chaaarge!  This is the little push-wagon we had for Tertia's therapy when she was little.  Once she figured out how to climb she sometimes would get up on the boxes of dried beans we used for weights. 
Soon nothing was safe.
Hotel room drawers...
the dryer... she was everywhere!  I was looking through old pictures and I just can't get over how photogenic and cute she was/is.  Having a baby with Down syndrome is just as wonderful as having any baby, but you get the added benefit of a slightly slower-paced infancy and toddlerhood.  You can watch the miracle of human development in slow-motion, sometimes with therapists pointing out things you never noticed in your other children.  It's a little bit (just a little bit) easier to keep up with a developmentally delayed toddler.  But you still don't dare take your eyes off them!

Sister Beth is back home in Scotland.  The fall rains have started and it's cold enough to want to wear wool.  Secundus had a massively huge cross-country meet today in Portland.  I think he had his best time yet, but scores haven't been posted yet.

The school accreditors have left and we can all go back to the regular stress of teaching and grading.

I finished the bind-off on my half-Pi "Camping" shawl yesterday.  No energy for blocking it quite yet.  Actually, today I had no energy for much of anything.  Lots of standing around at the meet and I still need to grade quizzes and figure out food for tomorrow.

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