Thursday, October 4, 2012

Digging in the Backyard

Steve was moving the compost pile a few weekends back, and Quarta was helping him.  She got very dirty, but she made a little tunnel in the compost pile.  Another potential civil engineer in the making!
We've been having a lovely Indian summer in the Northwest.  So glad the rains haven't started yet. Unfortunately the various cold and stomach viruses have started working their way around the school population.  It makes it challenging trying to get students caught up after an absence.  Work crews came to dig the foundation for the new portable classroom building this week, and they're going to pour the slab soon I think.  Next week is the visit of the accreditation committee, and all teachers are under strict instructions to present our most stunning lesson plans.  Nothing must go wrong.  Must not get sick.  But stay relaxed and confident!

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