Saturday, October 6, 2012


Randomday.  When I can finally put this on the blog.  Ever feel like your week was like this?  And where is the ball, anyway?

The accreditation team is coming to inspect all the teachers next week.  I may have mentioned it once or twice before.  I'm a little nervous.  My sister Beth is coming too, for her once yearly visit.  I bought buttons to sew on her orange sweater.  Tertia helped me pick them out.  Secundus has another cross country meet and daily practice, and I'll be turning 45.  And I've started going to a chiropractor... daily headaches were just getting to be too much.  I've got a new pillow.  Now, that was a random paragraph.

I really like John Sununu.  If you haven't seen this clip with Andrea Mitchell yet, it's one of the funniest things I've seen all week.

If analysis of President Obama's lackluster debate performance isn't your thing, check out the laser printer ad that Moth Heaven has on her blog.  Icelandic knitting!  Real Iceland scenery!

I wish I were doing more knitting.  I didn't finish my September shawl yet, and I've been asked to test-knit a shawl for Melinda Vermeer from my knitting group... using some of my handspun.  I can't describe how much I want to do this, but I keep getting snagged for other things.  Boring things like grading, paperwork, cooking and cleaning.  Actually, not so much of the cleaning.  Unless it's my classroom.  Do you have any idea how many kleenexes I have to pick up off the floor when the 7th grade leaves?

My quilting is only slightly better. I'm attaching the binding to the Log Cabin quilt.  There is a large pile of ironing awaiting me, and one of the ways I can entice myself to do it is promising myself to sew a seam or two between shirts.  I should really try this.

Our grapes are ready for harvest.  We have some lovely seedless ones, and I want to make a batch of Concord Grape Pie filling for the freezer.  Steve has been making homemade applesauce every week, but it's a big production.

And that's all the random for now.

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