Thursday, October 11, 2012


Not a bad birthday so far.  I had only one class evaluated today, and I guess no news is good news.  No one asked me why I was impersonating a teacher, so that's good!  Logic 1 and 2 both sang to me, and I was given a plate of home-baked cookies.

Beth took me out to get a pedicure today at the Athena Day Spa.  This place is good.  Not like the one we went to last year, where three separate people assumed I was her mother.  I chose An Affair in Red Square and I like how my toes look.

Steve is picking up his mom and making Pad Thai for dinner for us all.  Supposedly there will be an ice cream cake, and tomorrow Beth has to leave to go back to Scotland.  I blocked her orange sweater and it is still drying; I hope it finishes soon so she can take it with her!

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