Thursday, October 18, 2012

Quarta's Turn

In an attempt at fairness in the distribution of cute baby pictures, here's the newborn picture with the three older kids and Quarta.  It was another rough couple of days at the hospital; I was still completely immobilized from the vertigo and the emergency C-section and did not pose for any photos. 
The girls have shared a room all their lives; and of course they could sleep anywhere if they wanted to.  In recent years Quarta has grown taller than Tertia, but Tertia still wears at least one size larger. 

Quarta has three parallel scars on her forehead: the first was when Tertia "pushed her into a bookcase" (she was about three), the second from a backyard mud-battle with older kids when she ran into a tree, and the third from when she ran into a parked truck.  It was at one of the E.R. visits resulting from these injuries that she acquired Blue Bunny:
Recently she has started displaying her crafty gene, which she probably gets from me, and made this outfit for Blue Bunny.

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