Monday, December 28, 2015

Allietare progress, step 5

Once again there is a link-up party over at Quiltville, where people from all over are sharing their progress on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt.
I have to say, I spent most of last week working on clue 4, which took me 3 days just for the cutting, and then an additional 4-5 days for the sewing.  I'm pleased with how they turned out, but I was glad I had a little sewing time on Christmas day itself just to get caught up.
 I was pleasantly surprised that when the clue for part 5 came out on Saturday, it seemed much simpler.  And it was, I'm already finished on Monday afternoon, and that's my best progress so far.  The pressing of the black/white/gray four-patches was a little tricky/ counter-intuitive, and not all my seams are perfect. But they never are, and I'm not worrying about it.
 I like to see the pieces add up!
Closeup of this week's units; I have a bit of a French theme with some of my fabrics. And Olivia the pig, of course. I'm excited to see how these units will be put together! I can definitely see Medieval/Renaissance stonework possibilities here.  Now with all the progress I've already made on this year's quilt, maybe for the next few days I can make a little progress on the borders of Grand Illusion. Either that, or organizing my scraps. Happy times in the sewing room!