Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I can't even remember the last time I linked up to Ginny's Yarn-Along. I just haven't been knitting enough this year, I guess, and certainly not blogging enough.

Well, here is a finished project:
Socks for Steve, given to him on his birthday but finished at least a month before that.  The yarn is Palouse BFL sock yarn that I bought at Blizzard Yarns, and it is basic stockinette knitting, toe-up, with a Sweet Tomato heel. I haven't even entered it on Ravelry yet, but the yarn is a winner, having been worn at least three times so far without felting. (Part of my sour attitude toward sock knitting has come from some felt-prone yarn that spoiled 3 pairs of socks in a row that I knit for Steve. I don't think I'll ever buy Knit Picks sock yarn again).
And here is my current pair on the needles. I'm almost finished turning the first heel. The yarn is Kertzer On Your Toes that I bought at Tuesday Morning, they will be for me, and the heel is the basic toe-up gusset heel that I learned from Wendy Knits.

Books! I have been reading books, and not writing book reviews, all this long time I have not been blogging.  Most recently I finished To Say Nothing of the Dog by Connie Willis.  It would be a great book if you like Dr. Who, Jerome K. Jerome, Agatha Christie, P.G.Wodehouse, Dorothy Sayers or any combination of them. Time-travelling, historical incongruities, inscrutably wise butlers, eccentric Oxford dons, witty dialogue, and lovable animals.  Oh yes, and the Bishop's Bird Stump.

Then there is Magnus Chase: The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan, where he is attempting to do for the Norse gods what he did for Greco-Roman mythology.  It looks like he has a pretty good chance of doing that, and there is the same ADHD action and sassy humor that you probably love from his Percy Jackson books.  Spoiler alert: the 1st person narrator dies (right at the beginning).  It gets wilder from there.  I haven't finished it yet, though.

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Anonymous said...

the socks turned out lovely. glad to hear the yarn is holding up. I am new to sock making and have a few made but not enough to know what yarn will work well and what doesn't.