Thursday, December 31, 2015

Putting 2015 to Rest

2015... the year I pretty much became convinced we are re-living the fall of Rome, and our civilization is crumbling from within. I won't be sad it's done, but I'm not terribly optimistic, big picture, about the prospects for 2016.

George Will's column, highlighting the absurdities of the year without even touching on ISIS, Planned Parenthood,  Donald Trump, or gay marriage, is well worth a read. But it may depress you even more. I do hope for better things in 2016, on a family and community level maybe. I hardly dare hope for national or global sanity, let alone wisdom and good leadership. I think we are too far gone for that.

I do want to begin blogging more in 2016, or rather, return to blogging regularly and thoughtfully. It is a delicate balance between the real need for self-expression and the terrible burden, real or perceived, of being a crazy voice in the wilderness. It makes blogging exclusively about quilting and knitting, as much as I enjoy them, seem shallow and trivial, even self-serving. It makes blogging about education and the finer points of Latin grammar seem naive and pedantic. But those are also the topics that need to come out of my brain, for balance, for being grounded in a world where thought crimes lead to beheadings or prison sentences or having your life savings confiscated because you declined to bake a cake.  I promised a long time ago that this blog would be eclectic. I'll try to live up to that in 2016.

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