Saturday, December 5, 2015

Randomday... Go!

15 minutes to blog.

I finished the Dutch tree on Duolingo today.  Sinterklaas day seemed appropriate. Unfortunately my owl is invisible when I share it on Facebook.

Two days ago I set a record time on solving a cryptogram, beating the previous record (by the famous BS) by one second. The quote was by Jonathan Swift and I took 10 seconds to solve it.  I have to admit I did a happy dance, right there in the living room.  It doesn't happen often.

I subbed for 6th grade Latin twice this week. Sometime I need to blog about why I'm not teaching 6th grade this year, but it would take more than 15 minutes. Anyway, they are all very lively and fun, and I always forget how very literal they still are. One guy volunteered "I'm an ENFP, and that means I'm high on socializing and low on academics" or something to that effect. I hope this doesn't backfire, but I mentioned the initials "TMI."  Then yesterday evening there was a staff Christmas party, and I probably gained about 5 pounds and had to look up a few recipes on Pinterest this morning.

This morning there was a book fair at Barnes and Noble for Cedar Tree. Quarta sang, and I took Tertia along and we bought Christmas presents that we tried to keep secret from each other, and there was a single-round of Latin quiz game that I led. It was another very lively and fun event, and by the end of it I was dead to the world. I came home and cried from exhaustion (I'm an INFJ, and that apparently means I'm high on quiet contemplative activity and very, very low on socializing and loud noises) and did my Latin lessons and sent Steve off with the girls to watch Pan while I stayed home, cooked and sewed.  I made a soup for tomorrow's fellowship - I riffed on the sweet potato chipotle soup from last night and put in pumpkin, carrots, white potatoes, cilantro, and orange pepper as well. I also made a second pan of pflaumenkuchen.  Then I sewed five Grand Illusion blocks and two sets of the units for the current Allietare clue.

Time's up, going to bed to read.

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