Saturday, December 12, 2015

Randomday, with inclement weather

Once again I am setting a time limit on myself for a quick Randomday blog post.

It has been a wet, weather-ful week. Our basement has experienced more water than basements are supposed to... not sure if it is because the ground is simply too saturated or if there is too much water at the point where the gutters overflow and the porch concrete meets the foundations... or at the window wells.  So all week, I've been very thankful for the new roof. Because think how much worse it would have been with the old one!

Then tonight Quarta noticed that the exposed bricks on the chimney in her bedroom are damp near the ceiling. Peter hopped into the attic to confirm that there is some leakage.  Probably the flashing is not doing its job up at the roofline. So we have an email in to the roof people.  Steve will have to follow up with a call next week.

There was a tornado in Battle Ground Thursday, and I was in the school office to witness the absolutely torrential downpour that hit us while that was going on. Parents were carpooling kids to the church where the Christmas program is being held, and reported a hailstorm on the highway. Of course I-5 had a landslide and was closed to traffic northbound for a few days too. We had at least three families that couldn't make it to school. That's on top of all the cases of pneumonia and respiratory infections.  So far I have only had a low-grade cough, which I hope will go away very soon. When the worms and slugs are drowning, it is too wet, even in the northwest.

We have a tree. It is not decorated yet, but it has at least been started.  It would be good weather to have a fire in the fireplace and dry out the bricks.

I am making good progress on the mystery quilts (this year and last year's).  That's mainly what I accomplished today. That and a little Latin, and some Christmas shopping.  And worrying about the leaky roof.

Steve started watching The Ridiculous Six this evening because he wanted something mindless. It DID fit the bill, but I begged him to stop fairly early on. We switched to an old Cary Grant movie, People Will Talk, which was much nicer.  Now the girls and Steve are watching Mary Poppins.

I want to bake... a batch of granola, some homemade bread, and maybe these Wookie Cookies.  Daniel is coming home Tuesday.  I need to see about getting the whole family to have photographs taken.  We haven't done that since the boys were really little.

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Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

Sorry to hear about all the leaks and all the sickness going on in your area. Hope all gets repaired soon. We just finished having repairs from water damage that came through a leaking upstairs window and damaged the living room ceilings downstairs and our laminate flooring. Water was from when Hurricane Joaquin when it came through the Carolinas. Anyways I can relate to the worries that come with all the weather, rain specifically. We have more coming our way this upcoming week.