Friday, November 2, 2012

UFO to FO - Log Cabin

This wasn't the UFO I was supposed to finish for October.  Finishing the top was my UFO goal for... I forget which month, but I did it.  The individual blocks were all made and I just needed to join them up.  And then it sat in my quilting queue.  And I finally finished quilting it, about a month ago, and then it sat, half-bound, for almost a month.  I finally finished the binding last week and it is an official FO!  Hanging up in the dining room for now, because I think it has a good wintry/ Christmas feel to it with all those red centers.  It's a lap size quilt at 48"x60".  Now I really need to get some other tops quilted.  My Feathered Star is on the machine now but I'm scared of all those feathers I want to free-motion quilt.

I'm linking up to Judy L's UFO challenge.  The number for November is one I've already done -- Jack's Chain, which I had broken down into two halves, but once I got started on it back in the Spring I just kept going until I had a finished top.  It's in the quilting queue too.  So that gives me a little freedom in November to work on a different UFO number, one of the four things I've blown off when their number was called.  The trend seems for me to not make bags or felted projects, but it would be nice to have at least one of those 4 finished so it won't have to go on next year's list.  I'm being sucked in by Bonnie K. Hunter's mystery quilt again this year, I think.  I really enjoyed Orca Bay last year and I'm always up for a challenge.  I'm thinking of colors already.  Does this quilting insanity ever stop?


Lynette said...

Way to go!! Yeah, that's a fantastic wintry wall hanging. Very cozy in its traditional scrappiness. It must make you smile to see it finished and hanging. :D

JoEllen said...

I love this quilt, but I am very partial to log cabins! I think you are right-wintery-it fits-looks like it would be good to snuggle under!