Monday, August 20, 2012

Grove City Bound

Grove City College's farthest traveling freshmen left yesterday, headed back East for adventure and education.
There was a bit of a teary-eyed sendoff from 1st OPC.
The car was pretty full, even before 4 guys piled in.  Steve sends me little pings to Google Maps at every stop, so I can track them as they cross the country.
The girls and I are surviving in a very quiet house.  Quarta found it therapeutic to make a zucchini-lantern out of the half of the giant zucchini we had left from the last veggie stir-fry.  This is the girl side... see the hair ribbon?
This is the silly-face boy side... he's sticking out his tongue.  There has been a little housecleaning today and a tiny bit of school planning.  I'm afraid there will have to be more soon.  But nothing new in sewing or knitting this last week, other than all the buttons I sewed on shirts and pants a few days ago.  And I let the flea treatment for the cats go too long... finally took care of that last week but now the little hoppers are jumping ship and more annoying than when they stayed on the felines.  Lots of vacuuming today, and for the next few days too.

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