Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tour de Fleece - Finish Line

Aaaand... we cross the finish line!  24 skeins finished, a total of 2140 yards, about 45 ounces (not quite 3 pounds) and lots of fun.  Now, a short breathing space before the Ravelympics.
In the top half of the layout I put the 10 skeins from the first week of the Tour, all of which were 3-ply with each ply a different colorway.
These are the 12 skeins from the second week; 2 plies of one colorway mixed with one different colorway.  There is also one little N-plied skein of the leftovers from colorway 4.  No 2 skeins have the same makeup.  The 5 colorways are 1. Classical Copper, 2. Trademark Infringement Caution, 3. Olympic Flame Orange, 4. Bronze Age, 5. Ancient Embers.  Now I'll need to figure out a nice way to construct the sweater with a gradual progression of the colors.
I'm pleased with the N-plied Targhee skein.  Maybe I'll make another shawl-I-never-wear with it.  Or maybe a baby sweater, or socks that would have to be hand washed.
Here's a closeup of the "novelty" spinning.  Cat, all 15 yards of it, and the BFL/silk singles on the Kuchulu, still in progress.  I have a lot more to spin on the Kuchulu before that project's finished!
And one last shot of Bradley.  I'll probably put my spinning aside for a bit and focus on quilting and knitting.  I didn't actually start anything new on the wheel since yesterday, but I'm wondering whether my next project should be hemp or one of my wool braids.
Details on my Ravelry stash page, which has links to the other two pages I used to record the Tour de Fleece.

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