Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tour de Fleece, day 4

As before, Day 4's picture is of Day 3's spinning.  I now have 4 full bobbins, and most of the 5th is full.  I have 5 8-oz. bumps of superwash wool, each from a different dyelot.  My goal is to begin plying either tonight or tomorrow; there will be 3 plies, one always one of the 2 "true" oranges, and one always one of the 2  more experimental, far-ranging oranges.  The one on the bottom of this picture (it was supposed to be the right, why did the picture flip like that?!) is more brown with some spots of undyed fiber to dilute it further, and the one I'm spinning now has blackish/grayish bits in it.  So I should probably take careful notes of the different combinations in the plied yarn.  But my basic color recipe is to have lots of variation, in a controlled way.
I went on a thrift store shopping expedition last Saturday, and found a lot of neat stuff.  The plate is Delft, half price at Goodwill ($2.50!)  A dress for Quarta, a length of chambray for the quilt stash, a sweater to unravel, a couple of Redwall books for my prize box, an old volume of Horace in Latin, a vintage P.G. Wodehouse novel, Yoga book, a replacement for the Immortal Poems of the English Language book I had to bury awhile back, and a black Speedo swimsuit for me, in a size I don't like to think about.  This was to replace my Land's End swimsuit that vanished into the ether along with Tertia's and Quarta's sometime after Spring break.  (Sadness, because it cost $90 and looked half decent on me.  Maybe I will do lots of Yoga and Pilates and then look good in a swimsuit again.)

We have two teenage boys in the house who need practice driving, and I am finding it to be quite nerve-wracking.  The girls are both having swim lessons, and then will have another 2-week session starting next week as well.  The roof is patched but the drywall has not been, yet, and we will probably have to wait another week until the girls' closet is usable.

I think I'm going to relax and spin for the rest of the evening.

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