Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sweet Tomatoes

Here are some closeups of the amazing Sweet Tomato Heel by Cat Bordhi that I wrote about yesterday.  My Ravelry page is here.
Stashbuster Spirals works well with these heels: each of the three wedges ends up being a different one of the three colors, and the colors in the pattern as written naturally change right before and after the heel stitches, so you know right where to begin the heel.  I did these socks two at a time on two circulars, as I do most of my socks.  The biggest problem is that all the little balls of yarn tend to get tangled as you work.  But it's worth it because you're using up lots of odd balls of leftover sock yarn that you'd been saving for years not knowing what to do with them.  And I've already started on my fourth pair, for Quarta.  After that I really should switch to a different sock pattern for awhile.  I want to try argyles.  Hoo boy!

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Anonymous said...

I just completed the heel and now on to completing the foot/toe. I started my socks from the top down and was wondering is there a gussett or do I just keep knitting in the round. I'm Jackie and can be reached at, thanks