Monday, October 3, 2011

Quilting Saturday

Saturday was our first quilting day at the church this fall.  We take the summers off, and then every 6 weeks throughout the school year we have a Saturday where anybody who quilts or is interested in quilting can show up at the church fellowship hall.  I always take more work than I have time to do, because it ends up being a big show and tell.
This is Sandri's work... she's always so artistic.
More Sandri. 
And a close-up.  Yeah, the rest of us are just playing with crayons by comparison.
Mary found this WIP on Craigslist and the lady who was "never going to finish it" gave it to her for free in hopes that she might.  It's a quilt-as-you-go piece with some panels already done.
And Julie... she and her daughter brought in 7 vintage quilt tops, either from her grandmother or Aunt Elsie.  This one is hand pieced... the closest I could come to naming the pattern was Friendship Knot, but I don't think that's it.
How about a vintage Grandmother's Flower Garden?  Also hand pieced.
Single Irish Chain?
Foundation-pieced scrap fiesta.
And this one, which has some of the most vintagey fabric I've seen.
There were even backings, patched together from bits of muslin and old feedsacks, intended for these quilts and stored in the chest along with them.  Some of them were patched several times... wouldn't want to waste any fabric there!

Yeah, that's why I didn't get much sewing done Saturday.

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