Friday, October 14, 2011

Mingulay Boat Song

This is one of my favorite folk songs... this version is close to the one I taped off the radio more than 20 years ago, and Steve has transferred onto CD for me.  That version is by a group that I think was called the Dram Trio -- although 20-year-old scribbles that I copied from what I thought I heard on the radio may be unreliable.  But anyway, I'm greatly enjoying the CD containing all the MP3 files that he collected for me.  Everything from Jean Redpath and the Black family to Battlefield Band.  And a bunch of stuff that's more obscure.  In fact, the more obscure and hard to Google, the better I seem to enjoy it.  And if you happen to know of the Dram Trio and where to find an MP3 of their version of the Mingulay Boat Song, let me know, I'd love to buy it.  Failing that, I can probably convince three of my children to sing it with me next summer at Family Camp. 

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