Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last day of school - random observations

You can never play too many games of Latin Jeopardy.

I received the sweetest note ever from one of my graduating 8th graders: "...I can't think of anyone who would make a better Latin teacher.  You are amazing at Latin and teach it in such a way that I enjoy it.  Thank you soooo much!!"  ....aww!

Overheard from Secundus, when asked if he was sure he was really a freshman: "Well duh, of course I am.  I didn't fail two subjects more than two times."

The triple-booking will get better soon.  It really will.  But today was... challenging.  The van is squealing and giving off unpleasant odors when AC is turned on, which it was for the first time since spring break today.  It has 123,000 miles on it and should be given the title of Emeritus very soon.  But money does not exist in the budget to provide for its replacement yet.

I desperately need to clean our refrigerator.  Attempting to retrieve the yogurt container on the top shelf to make myself a smoothie for breakfast, I knocked over the jar of dill pickle slices.  It upended and landed top down, lid off (my leg broke the fall).  So I cleaned the kitchen floor but not the fridge, and went to school smelling of pickle juice.

Primigenitus gave his oral presentation of his Junior thesis today at 1:35.  I stayed late because I had to do the calligraphy on the National Latin Exam certificates, and then watched him, then went home.  That's when I discovered the smell coming from the AC in the van.

We had a meeting with Tertia's old and new teachers at her future middle school at 3:45.  Secundus had to walk to and from his Kumon tutoring, but didn't mind because he stopped at Target on the way home to buy the latest video game he's been longing for.

First pickup day for vegetables for the CSA at 5:00, then dinner from the crockpot (chicken curry with bottled sauce) then a rush over to Tertia's elementary school book fair before heading off to Cedar Tree's awards night.  The chairs were set up on the lawn and Quarta played in the handbell choir.  We've been having such nasty weather for so long that we didn't mind being outside even if it was a little windy.  National Latin Exam awards - let's see, 3 gold medalists and 6 silver medalists at the Latin I and Latin II levels, and 10 purple ribbons at the intro level - including the girl who got the perfect score (only 300 out of 18,000 did this - it's a big deal!)

No knitting or quilting was accomplished today.  But I've graded 14 verses of the Dies Irae, does that count?  And the calligraphy was kind of artistic.  Tomorrow is Field Day (ugh), paintball for Steve and Secundus, and I get to take the van into the shop.

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