Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finished Shirt-Stripe Boxes

From Kaffe Fassett's Passionate Patchwork, a lovely book all around.  I made this with Steve's old shirts, and I love just about everything about it.  It's 54" x 87" and closely quilted in a cross-hatching design that gives it a crisp, modern feel.  It's tentatively spoken for by Primigenitus.
A closer look.
I put a hanging sleeve on most of my quilts... that way you have the option of displaying it as a wall quilt on a curtain rod.  It's not fancy, just a 5" wide rectangle of muslin folded lengthwise and sewn in along with the binding.  I hand-stitch it down at the same time I stitch the binding.  It's usually good for two or three long evenings of TV watching.  Notice the binding is also shirt-stripes, 2 1/4" strips cut on the bias and pieced together.  I like the thriftiness of scrappy bindings, too.
And a down-and-dirty quick label on the bottom corner.  I'm designating this quilt as "Wear it out" in the 4-quilt scrappy quilt series I'm doing, but the actual name is an unimaginative "Shirt Stripe Boxes." I could have delayed sewing on the label for another year if I had tried to come up with something creative.

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