Monday, July 28, 2014

Design Wall Monday and Kid update

For the first time in a very long time I have something different about my design wall... that's because I stitched this block this weekend:
 It's the sixth one I've finished with that low-volume quilt-along.
 So I put them all up, and there has even been a tiny bit of progress on the string diamond star.  But the sunshine out the window will tell you, I'm not getting a lot of quilting done at the moment.  Summer is just too short!
Up to our eyeballs in plums, but they sure are pretty.
 Quarta has been delivered to camp, where she has many friends.  The house will be a LOT quieter this week!
Pretty cool treehouse.
Peter has been doing things like this,
and this,
 and this (yikes!)
and this for the last 4 weeks at Basic.  He was allowed access to his phone for half an hour yesterday to call us for the first time.  I think he's doing great but he's definitely reached the point of wishing it was done.  And it's a long way from done yet!  He very much appreciates everyone who's been praying for him and writing to him but doesn't have any time to write back.

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