Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WIP Wednesday and Yarn-along

Time again for Wednedsay updates on quilting Works in Progress and the knitting yarn-along.  It keeps sneaking up on me without my making much progress.  Not sure what to blame - busy teaching schedule, post-holiday exhaustion and lingering colds, family needs.  Probably all three.  And there's the fact that I like to multitask and think/blog about other things besides crafts.  I have a disability advocacy post and a big book review post and at least two or three heavy philosophical posts planned, but haven't been getting around to writing them.  Just in case you're a new follower and not used to the fact that I can't stay on one topic, this is a heads-up that I'm going to be woolgathering at some point in the near future (officially and publicly - I'm woolgathering all the time).  Anyway, here's where things stand:
Celtic Solstice has been making very slow progress.  I think I only have about 8 more blocks to assemble though, before I can start seaming them together in rows.  See my last post for how it looks on the design wall, and for the latest block in the APQquiltalong.  
I finally got back to knitting the second argyle sock, and it's progressing slowly.  I'm mildly worried about running out of the blue yarn.  I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas!  I've been enjoying playing with it, loading it up with some free books and apps.  (Coolest app so far -- I am intermediate in Italian now thanks to DuoLingo).  (Okay, maybe the fact that I teach Latin and have an obsessive personality also helps).  I want to take it to the library and figure out how to borrow e-books that way.  Anyway, I'm currently reading Huckleberry Finn.  For the first time.  I can't believe it, but it has long been the biggest gap in my English major education.  By the way, it is completely false that I always win when I play Balderdash.  I always have a fun time, but I haven't been winning when I've played it lately.


Cindi said...

Wow! Your Celtic Solstice quilt looks great.

Unknown said...

Gosh, I can see why progress would be slow on the celtic blocks...I looked close and that is some complex piecing going on! Funw woolgathering writing style!

Marsha Cooper said...

I have some blocks like the ones in your corners that I am making into a quilt for sewing club at church.