Saturday, January 4, 2014


Here's today's randomness:

Some sewing... I am through with the 54-40 or Fight blocks of Celtic Solstice and have 6 of the 25 Birthday blocks done.

Grocery shopping - I drafted Secundus to come help me and loaded the carts with the makings of punch and hot cider for the Last Noel... because we're doing it again this year.  We have to, the kids have already invited all their friends.  After the grocery store I took Secundus to buy jeans and a bowtie at Ross.  He wanted suspenders too but didn't find them there... he hit me up for a $20 bill to go on his own to Kohls to buy them for himself.  He's such a clothes horse!

I have been enjoying my new Kindle Fire.  I am working on the DuoLingo app to learn Italian... so far I'm somewhere between advanced beginner and intermediate.  I know how to say useful things now, like "Il mio gatto non e vegetariano."  But the microphone doesn't always like my accent.

Steve and I took the girls to see The Hobbit 2 this afternoon.  The previews were too scary for Tertia, but she was fine with the more cartoonish violence in the movie itself, for the most part.  She did take her blanket with her so she could hide her face in some of the scary parts.  I liked the movie; although Tolkien purists will not.  It's typical Peter Jackson - go big or go home.  With lots of battles and monsters.

I made ham pasta for dinner because it's quick and used up the last of the Christmas ham.  Then I made a big pot of minestrone to help use up the New Year's turkey, which we'll take to fellowship tomorrow.  Then I mixed up a plum cake which is baking now.  And now I should sign off because the boys are having me watch Inception with them and it is not making a lot of sense to me.  Is it a sign of motherhood-induced brain damage that I prefer a straightforward monster movie to this kind of ... what? Psychological fantasy?  Or maybe I shouldn't see more than one movie per day.

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