Thursday, January 23, 2014

Works in Progress - Farmer's Wife Quilting

Well, I finally got back to the quilting machine and did a row of sashing and blocks on the Farmer's Wife Quilt.  It really didn't take too long.  Now I have 30-something Latin final exams to grade so I shouldn't take too long blogging about it!
 Block #93, "Swallow." I outlined the yellow pieces and made a feathered whirligig on the center large square.
 Block #20 - Churn Dash.  Basic outline quilting.
 Block #29 - Economy.  I did another of those feathered whirligigs in the central square and some scallopy things in each corner.
Block #88, Star of Hope.  I outlined the peach triangles and made another feathered whirligig on the big square, but you can't see it very well.
 Block #65, Peaceful hours.  Outlined the yellow and the center octagon.
 Block #43, Garden Path.  I outlined the lighter striped path and the center green four-patch.
Block #104 "Wild Geese" - I outlined the geese as they form arrows pointing into the center.

I've started seaming the Celtic Solstice blocks together too, but no picture there. And... that's it for now!  Someone rescure me if I'm still grading in 5 hours.

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