Monday, January 6, 2014

Celtic Solstice on the Design Wall

Enough to see the lovely patterns formed by the 2 different blocks, this is Celtic Solstice.  I have all the 54-40 or Fight blocks pieced and am not quite halfway finished piecing the second blocks.  Then of course I will need to sew them all together and add borders to make it finish at 75" square.  It's a good design; I like it a lot.  There are several overachievers linking up at Bonnie Hunter's site who have already finished the top, I bet.  I will be content if I can finish the top before her final link-up.

My quilt is inspired a bit more by my Scottish heritage than the Irish, so I chose darker greens and plenty of plaids. But if you look at my ancestors it doesn't take too many generations for the Scots and the Irish to intermingle a bit.  And they all ended up being Americans together.  I thought of the colors of the Irish flag and the colors of the Scottish flag mixing in this quilt, (and orange for the Dutch too!) with the sun sparkling on the water, and I thought of this song by Battlefield Band, which seems appropriate:

Many thanks to Bonnie for another beautiful mystery quilt and a fun way to spend Christmas break! I'm also linking up to Judy L.'s Design Wall Monday, but not to the stash reports yet because I have no completed projects for the year.  Yet.

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