Monday, August 5, 2013

August updates

Here's where it stands on my design wall at this moment.  I am seaming one of the looong unwieldy seams of my scrappy Country Stars quilt, and the three diagonal rows at the upper left corner are the only ones left.  It's totally do-able to finish this top, even today, if I just kicked into gear.  But I just haven't kicked into gear.  I'm tired, sore, discouraged about the state of the house and the rapidly oncoming school year (which will be much tougher than last year as I won't have my own designated classroom anymore but will have to itinerate), and a bit lonely.  I think some therapeutic sewing will be in order, just as soon as I can clear time for it.  I have really enjoyed this project with all the pretty reds and the scrappy fabrics. I hope I can take a big picture of it as a finished top later this week.

I'm not going to update my stash report this week because there has been nothing new in or out.  I decided not to attempt to calculate yardage of that big bin of scraps from the estate sale -- it will just get morphed in with my existing scrap bins as I have time, and I look forward to the treasure hunt that that will feel like.

It's also past time to report on my July goals and set some new crafty goals for August. 

These were my goals for July:
  1. Finish the brown socks. done!
  2. Machine quilt the Farmer's Wife Quilt, or at least reach a midway point.  Ha! Not done!
  3. The knitting bag project.  Nope.
  4. Finish the Country Stars top. Almost.  It would be done if I weren't such a loser.
Bonus points: I spun every day of the Tour de Fleece.
I entered three quilts in the Clark County Fair.
Maybe my bonus projects can offset the ones I didn't finish!
  1. Mount and begin quilting the Farmer's Wife quilt.  I want each little block to be beautifully quilted, so this will be a longer-term project.
  2. Complete Country Stars top.
  3. randomly chosen from my list of 2013 goals: #4, the 3/4 bag kit.
  4. Finish the Rosalind sweater.
Bonus points available for making that silly bowling-style knitting bag, sewing multiple boxer shorts for the menfolk, finishing any other knitting project, or finishing a few hand-applique blocks.  And a big bonus point for getting my sewing area neatly organized enough that I would be willing to photograph it.

I was picking a few more plums from the tree this morning, when I turned around and there were 5 large zucchini that had crept up on me.  It was a little like a scene from Hitchcock's The Birds.

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