Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday: holiday denial version

Is it okay to admit that I'm not that big a fan of Christmas anymore?  I used to like it a lot.  But that was before I had to ... you know ... produce it.  I have loved ones who don't celebrate Christmas for religious reasons, but that's not it at all for me.  I'm just too lazy to put on a big Christmas anymore, although I sure enjoyed it when I was younger. 

I am looking forward to having Daniel home again soon.  His first final is tomorrow.  It has been a stressful week for everyone in our extended circle of friends and particularly in our church.  Now, the Clackamas Town Center shooting.  I know kids who were there.  So many needs to pray for.

So I'm keeping busy and not really doing anything specific about Christmas.  Here's what's going on in the craft department:
I finished my 12th shawl in 2012!  This is Wingspan, knit from my Navajo-plied handspun from the Tour de Fleece, Targhee in the "Ladyfern" colorway from Sweet Grass Wool.  I used about 285 yards for this shawl.  So I suppose it's appropriate to share my 12th shawl in 2012 on 12-12-12!  I like how the chartreuse green sections spaced themselves out nicely without my planning that way.  I had about 5 yards of yarn left over.  I would like to spin Targhee again; it was lovely to work with.
Jack's Chain is on the Megaquilter.  I'm almost done!  I've had to raise the take-up rail twice this quilt, it's so long!  But I'm hoping to get it finished for Tertia for Christmas.  I really like the snowflake feather pattern I'm using:
Step 3 of Easy Street is complete.  
I'm enjoying the pace of Easy Street this year.  Definitely easier than Orca Bay last year, but that was fun too!  Let's face it, when it comes to a choice between grading, cleaning house, Christmas preparation and shopping, or quilting, I will choose quilting every. single. time.  Sorry to my family for my lackluster housekeeping these last ... 13 years or so.  You're old enough now to do something about it if you want it cleaner, I figure.
Not the best picture, but I started a new pair of socks.  These will be for Steve.  I'm using the simple Skyp pattern but the MUMTU formula for toe-up socks, as I think I've done before.  I'm reading Lynne Truss' Talk to the Hand, which is an interesting combination of snark and lamentation over the state of modern manners.


Shellie said...

The shawl is quite lovely as is the snowflake feather quilting. I love the serendipity of timing for your twelfth shawl finish.

deborah said...

Love that quilt pattern, and the quilting you've chosen looks so nice in the negative space.

I'll have to look for Talk to the Hand... I'm always lamenting about the state of manners and etiquette these days.

Amy said...

Beautiful!! love the knitted shawl.