Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Post-Christmas Posting

1.a. Quarta and Tertia watching NORAD Santa tracker. b. Quarta and Tertia with stockings. c. Tertia's Jack's Chain quilt
2.a. group shot, waiting for stocking opening. b. Daniel and Secundus (with bow tie).
3.a. Quarta with purple quilt. b. Quarta with purple bathrobe. (She likes purple, can you tell?) c. Steve hurrying to finish Harry Potter 5, with girls.

Since it's a quilting blog I'll share those quilt finished shots in larger scale:
Jack's Chain
Anita's Arrowheads.  Both are on the girls' beds now.  I stayed up until 12:30 Christmas morning binding the purple one, and it still needs the label sewn on.

Menu for Christmas dinner was ham, Christian's potatoes, peas, spinach salad, applesauce, that corn/hominy dish that Secundus likes, and three kinds of pie for dessert: apple, mocha-pecan, and blueberry.  As you can see the house is not super-neat and clean, and our tree is not exactly symmetrical, but it works for us. 

Steve is planning a "date with Dad" for each of the kids.  Tertia and Quarta are doing theirs today: Tertia went bowling and to McDonald's for lunch, and Quarta will be seeing Ice Age IV and going to Pizza Hut for dinner.  The boys are playing computer games and I'm discovering new ways of wasting time.

The weirdest thing is that, now that both boys are home and they both have their driver's licenses, Steve and I are going on a getaway weekend sometime soon.  I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around that one!  I'm still not quite ready for Secundus to go out driving by himself.  Here he is wearing Grandpa's old hat:

Aunt Carol sent a link for how to make this little frog (stuffed with rice) and Quarta was right on it. She has fun with the crafty stuff!
 Merry Christmas to all (be sure to take every one of those 12 days, now!) and enjoy family fun and good food!

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Jill said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas! Your two finished quilts look wonderful.