Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quilting and Sewing Year in Review

These are the finished quilts I produced this year.  Left column, top to bottom: Crumbs quilt for Cedar Tree auction, Play Ball quilt for auction, Aunt Maggie's Quilt.  Center top: Jack's Chain. Center bottom: Feathered Star wallhanging. Right top to bottom: Framed In quilt, Log Cabin, Anita's Arrowheads.  Not pictured is a mini-Jack's Chain made with extra blocks.

Last year I set some goals for sewing UFO's, inspired by Judy L.'s Patchwork Times.  She would randomly draw a number each month and we were supposed to finish our UFO goal.  Here's my list, with completed goals in red:
  1. Aunt Maggie's Quilt: finished top, needs machine quilting and binding
  2. Framed in Quilt: finished top, needs machine quilting and binding
  3. Log cabin... Sew blocks together into quilt top (and quilting and binding)
  4. 1996 Piecemaker's Calendar quilt: prepare half of applique for setting triangles
  5. " " (I prepared the appliques but the top isn't finished yet)
  6. Classical-themed tote bag
  7. Feathered Star: make a decision and finish top (and quilting and binding)
  8. Bowling-style knitting bag
  9. Jack's Chain: piece half of remaining blocks
  10. " " (and quilting and binding, and I even wrote a tutorial)
  11. Kit for three-quarters bag from Connecting Threads in Whirlwind Romance
  12. Pieced blanket of felted wool squares from old sweaters
There were four months that I didn't even bother to do the project: my bag projects got no love, and I didn't do the felted wool blanket either.  But I did quilt and bind three of the tops on the list, which wasn't required, so I feel like I can declare victory and maybe I'll eventually do those bags.

Judy is doing her UFO challenge in a different way in 2013, I'm probably not going to set yearly goals, but I'm very pleased with how many projects I finished, especially considering some of them were more than 5 years old.
These are my current quilt WIPs/ UFOs.  There's that applique for the 1996 Piecemaker's calendar quilt taunting me still, yes, we're working on our second decade.  Orca Bay is a top in need of quilting; so is the Farmer's Wife.  Easy Street is in process, and on bottom right are some crumbs blocks that I hope will become the next Cedar Tree signature quilt.

Goals for the new year... other than finishing the above WIPs and UFOs, I don't really know.  Here is a list, in no particular order, of the WIPs, UFOs and wannabe projects still hanging around, and maybe I'll be inspired to get to them, maybe not.  I might do my own random number drawing, we'll see.
  1. 1996 Piecemaker's Calendar quilt - hand applique, add embellishments, and finish top
  2. Classical-themed tote bag
  3. Bowling-style knitting bag
  4. Three-quarters bag (kit from Connecting Threads)
  5. Felted wool blanket
  6. Orca Bay quilting and binding
  7. Farmer's Wife quilting and binding
  8. Easy Street mystery quilt top
  9. Easy Street quilting and binding
  10. Crumbs auction quilt
  11. Hooked Rug in Mariner's Compass design
  12. heirloom linen blouse
  13. wool stuffed toy cat
  14. boxers in 3 different fabrics (at least)
  15. Frugal Patch quilt
  16. Civil War repro/ pine needles quilt
  17. Flannel baby quilts
  18. Set up an Etsy shop to help finance college educations
  19. the ultimate ongoing project: clean and organize sewing area!
  20. and have fun, or everything else is pointless.
Okay, that might keep me busy even if I don't start anything new.

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Sarah Craig said...

Lots of lovely finishes for the year, Kathy! And it looks like you've got your work cut out for you in 2013! Whoop whoop!!