Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Political Tuesdays - The Last One Before the Big One

One more week.  As the East coast attempts to pump out the floodwaters and dry off, the rest of the country is amusing itself by watching the Obama campaign self-destruct.  It feeds the basest impulses of human nature, snarkiness and Schadenfreude, but we just can't look away from the train wreck.

Every day it's a new desperate ad campaign, most of them unsafe for me to link in a blog I'd like to keep family-friendly.  Lena Dunham's "first time voter" ad, Michael Moore's foul-mouthed seniors on the Moveon.org ad.  Then there are the Biden gaffes -- did he really say that to a grieving father of a fallen hero?  Confusing Iowa with Ohio.  And did Obama really say that in reference to what 6-year-old would think about Romney?  Granted, as the child of a Rolling Stone reporter it was probably a familiar word, but still.  Deeper and more disturbing lies and cover-ups about the debacle in Benghazi.  It would be entertaining if it wasn't so ... sordid.  And if the race still wasn't so close.  Although there's very good reason to hope that's changing.

Oh, and the undercover film that busted Patrick Moran, son of sitting Democratic congressman Jim Moran, in a conspiracy to commit voter fraud in Virginia.  I have to say I enjoyed that one.  Jim Moran never met an abortion he didn't want your tax money to pay for. 

There was a half-hearted and completely tone-deaf attempt by the left to fight back with a campaign based on Romney's not-so-elegant phrase, "binders full of women."  I don't think it's helped them with real women, though.  Another attempt to gin up some outrage at Ann Coulter for tweeting the R-word.  Trying to enlist Big Bird to make a campaign appearance.  But no leadership, economically or on foreign policy.  Nothing but distractions, pettiness and smut.

What's happened over the last week or so is that the Democrats have lost Middle America.  Maybe they can salvage it and get it back, maybe not.  The vulgarity and tawdriness of the campaign has gotten to be a real turnoff.  Mitt Romney is looking more and more Reaganesque, and Barack Obama is looking more and more like a loser who hasn't lost quite yet.

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