Friday, October 19, 2012

Finished Shawl! Deep Water Dreamer

I finished blocking my 9th shawl in 2012.  I'm calling it Deep Water Dreamer after an Eric Bogle song that came to mind as I was unpinning it.   I'd started it back in August, actually at Family Camp.  It's the half-circle variation of the "Camping" Pi shawl in honor of Elizabeth Zimmerman's 100th birthday.  I was thinking of calling it Indian Summer since that's the time of year I finally finished it, but then I thought of the color of the yarn and cold deep water that you might see if you went camping this time of year.
I experimented with draping it over various foliage, but you can't really see the lace pattern as well as I'd like. 
It shows up better in the blocking picture.  The yarn was variegated in spots that matched rather nicely with the changes in the pattern.  I didn't actually plan it that way, but it looks rather nice.  This used up about 600 yards of my handspun Wensleydale and has a radius of 25".  I'm ready to knit some non-lace projects now.
Here's the detail of the little waves and how fussy it was to block.

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Helen@Till We Quilt Again said...

Oh Love The Shawl! I was lucky to stumble onto your blog today through Karens Craft Linking. I consider myself still new to knitting. Ironically my post is titled "Pub Knit Night".