Friday, September 7, 2012

If I Were A Good Blogger...

... I would have posted on Tuesday, when "Political Tuesday" was my theme and the conventions of both parties provided ample fodder for satire or encomium.  But Tuesday I was imprisoned in teacher inservice all day and came home to lesson planning and last-minute preparations for Tertia's first day of school.

... I would have posted on Wednesday, when "WIP Wednesday" was the theme in quiltblogland and "Yarnalong" was the theme in knitblogland.  Although I would not have had any new photos or progress to share, that has never stopped me in the past from gabbing about my favorite hobbies for several paragraphs on end.  But Wednesday I was imprisoned in teacher inservice all day and came home to go out with Steve to celebrate our 20th anniversary.  Yes, 20 years.  He got me roses and everything.  When we got married we thought it would be nice to have Labor Day weekend as a holiday around our anniversary every year.  We didn't anticipate having kids or me becoming a teacher, I guess!  Built-in anniversary stress.

... I would have posted on Thursday, when I had no prescribed theme to follow and would have been free to chat about the multitude of family and school-related events crowding in upon me.  Of course, that's why I didn't post yesterday... I was doing the lesson-planning, last-minute filling out of forms so Secundus could run cross-country, cleaning my classroom, photocopying, and so forth.  And there was the all-school picnic to prepare for, too.

... Even today, I would have uploaded the photo I took of Tertia on her first day of school, and maybe detailed some of the little stories of the week.  But I don't think I'm a good blogger.  And I certainly am too tired for uploading.

I may not be a good blogger, but I flatter myself to think that I am a good grammar and language teacher, so I'll just point out the use of the subjunctive mood, which is severely under-taught in English.  May we all have a good school year!  Would that we had a million dollars for every A+ student!

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