Thursday, September 13, 2012

Four Round Trips

Thursday, the fourth day of school.  The day I don't have a carpool, and I get to appreciate the huge favors others are doing for me on the other four days.  Thursday is the day it will take some time to understand.  At present I have to make four round trips to Cedar Tree.  Here's how the schedule worked today:

6:50 - wake up kids
7:40 - drive to CT with all 3 kids (Daniel in Pennsylvania is on his own, but I send love!)
7:55 - 8:10 - prayer with other members of the staff.  This is the reason I'm willing to attempt the four round trips thing, but if somebody offered me a carpool I'd jump on it and just ask people to send me a memo instead!
8:11 - collect Tertia and drive home, arriving a little before 8:30.  Tertia was a little concerned when she saw her bus going the other direction, but I explained the driver was probably just heading off to pick up the first kid on the route - 1st round trip completed.
8:43 - Tertia's bus collects her, all pretty in her dress for school pictures.
8:50 - drive to CT again, arriving 9:05.  Open the classroom, attempt to untangle the blind cords, lay out 6th grade materials and review lesson plans. 
9:20 - arrive in 6th grade classroom carrying basket of supplies (plus the 1st declension classroom mascots Prunella, Rubella, and Vacca Caledonensis).  Set up vocab charts and, when math is finished, conduct Latin 1st declension and sentence diagramming practice until 10:15.
10:20 - 11:10 - conduct 7th grade verb synopsis practice and distribute materials for Roman culture overview.
11:15 - 12:05 - conduct 8th grade sentence translation practice and adjective review.
12:10 - 12:50 - drive home, stopping at Target to pick up halogen light bulbs that cost $9 each, and some parmesan cheese to go with leftover spaghetti tonight - 2nd round trip completed.  Technically I could have hung out at CT for a few hours in the afternoon, but I'm a homebody and I was tired by this time.
2:15 - 2:30 - drive to CT again, pick up Secundus after he has changed for cross country practice.
2:47 - deliver Secundus to CRHS for cross country practice - 3rd round trip completed (it's walking distance from there to home).
2:49 - 3:02 - turn left instead of going straight out of the parking lot and go straight back to CT. 
3:03 - 3:30 - Pick up veggies from Grace's Garden, pick up Quarta, and drive home - 4th round trip completed.  Quarta is excited when she sees Secundus jogging by our house.
3:45 - Tertia gets off the bus.  Unfortunately her teacher has emailed me that she didn't have money for her school pictures.  But I had sent a check in Monday, along with another check for lunch money.  So now we have to figure out what happened to the two missing checks.
5:25 - I think that's all I want to think about for today.  I'm going to go heat up leftover spaghetti.

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