Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIP Wednesday: The One Where I Miss the Memo on Leap Day

So, apparently, Leap Day means we are supposed to celebrate our "extra" day by hosting cool giveaways on our blog and doing something fun and creative like sewing all day.  At school today, in math, Mrs. Hansberry combined Leap Day and Pi day into one grand celebration of the number 29 and 3.14..., complete with snacks (Cutie Pies).  I must have missed that memo.  I don't have any cool giveaway, and I didn't finish much this week.  I'm going to use the construction in my sewing room as an excuse.  And at school... I don't know.  I guess I'm not the cool teacher.  I'm the teacher who gets complaints about homework, today.
Farmer's Wife Quilt block #97, Waste Not.  This was my only block completed this week. The blue doesn't pop out at you as much as I expected, but it's okay.  But since it was paper-pieced, it wasn't really a thrifty way of cutting the fabric as you might assume from the title!
Last WIP Wednesday I blogged about starting a bathmat out of my recycled cotton thrift store sweater yarn.  Here's how it looks so far.  I'm holding 6 (or so) strands of different yarns together on size 15 needles.
This is my current shawl project, the Oslo Walk shawl by Susanna IC.  I ran into some trouble at Starbucks Monday night, when I finished the main lace section and began the section that's supposed to create columns of yarnovers.  See those stitches between the markers?  They are offset by one, and so the yarnovers were also offset by one.  So I tinked back and have decided that when I knit on it again, I will forget about the columns of yarnovers and just do stockinette stitch.  It will save my sanity and showcase the handspun BFL better.

On Monday I blogged about my current machine quilting project... it's now (almost) off the machine and the binding is cut, but not yet pieced.  This was my UFO project for February and it is so close to being done; I'm happy about that but don't have pictures yet.
Scott Janku has been hard at work today on our replacement stair rail.  The old one was made of 2x4's and tilted about 30 degrees from upright.
That's what it looked like 2 hours ago.  It looks... slightly more finished right now.  But yes, it's definitely our biggest WIP at the moment.  And we'll need to be careful walking out of our room tomorrow morning.  But hey, that's our house... a 105-year-old contractor's nightmare.  Whenever we have work done, it's always interesting to see how things are always so much more complicated than we plan on.

Linking up to Freshly Pieced where I'm sure other people got lots more sewing done this week.

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