Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Grandma quilts

My mother-in-law has been busy.  These are some quilt tops she had me pin for her; she'll tie them a little later.  However many tops I may finish, she can easily do about twice as many.  And obviously, we both like scrappy!
I really like this little one, with green and blue batiks.
This one is like an elegant tiled floor.

The handyman is coming tomorrow morning: I'll be getting a new countertop for my sewing area.
You can kind of see where the formica surface has peeled away, but what you can't see is that it's my own improvised supports holding the sewing table up, and the sewing surface is warped.  It's going to be replaced with butcher-block and there will be new supports installed by a carpenter who actually knows what he's doing.  I can't wait!  And they'll also be replacing the extremely wobbly rail around our stairs: it's been freaking me out for several years now.

In the process of emptying out the cabinet on the left, I rediscovered my stash of unravelled thrift store sweater yarn, and cast on a 6-strand cotton bathmat with some of it.  I was happily knitting a few sections of that while watching TV this evening.  There's always something therapeutic about mindless cotton knitting, whether it's dishcloths or rugs or blankets.  It's been the kind of week at school where you need therapeutic knitting.  Grades due, 7th grade drama, 8th grade stress, 6th grade squirreliness.  And Tae Kwon Do in my classroom.

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Dee said...

Oh, what beautiful quilts! How awesome to share a passion and hobby with family!

I'm so envious of your sewing'll have to post pictures of the new parts and pieces!

I crochet scarves for a local homeless shelter while watching DVD's with the family. Very soothing and knowing that it's going somewhere good...well, that's just icing on the cake!