Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Play Ball! - Finished Quilt

The third and final of my quilts to donate to the Cedar Tree auction!  "Play Ball!", 65 1/2" x 86 1/2", machine quilted and hand-stitched binding.  I'm hoping some boy might like it.
Sports-themed fabrics were passed along by my mother-in-law and the piecing was fairly simple.
To make up for the easy piecing of the front, I also pieced the back, with lots of leftover bits of conversational fabrics, mostly boy-friendly.  Some people might question the use of that bit of fabric just to the right of center, with the cards, chips and dollar signs -- I might be one of them, actually.  There was also motorcycle fabric, marginally inappropriate for a Christian school.  But I was into using up fabric and getting it out of my stash and off my conscience.  There's also some Tweety Bird and Spider-man fabric in there.
Proof that I did remember to put a label on it.  The binding was supposed to be much easier than it turned out: somehow I managed to put a seam on two of the four corners (and there were 7 width-of-fabric strips, so there weren't really that many seams, they just hit at the wrong places!)
I'm so excited about this auction!  If you're going, make sure to check out the quilts and bid on them!  I'm doing this partially for selfish reasons... I really want a classroom that is more or less designated for Latin.  I'm tired of sharing with P.E when it's rainy like today and they need someplace that isn't being used so they can do self-defense classes.  And it's also used for serving refreshments for some evening events, and the Seniors eat lunch there every day, and it's used for A.V. and computer storage, and 1st grade reading groups, and... The sooner we get lots of money, the sooner there will be a gym.


Michelle MMMM4 said...

Wow, you've made three quilts for the auction! That's wonderful. I'm sure someone will love and admire this quilt and the others.

Claire Jain said...

Such a great boy's quilt! What kind of pen do you use to make your labels?

Kathy said...

Claire - I use Pigma Micron pens, which are available at quilt shops but hard to find in regular fabric stores. I recently bought a set of varying widths and I prefer the thicker ones for writing on fabric.

Heather said...

Someone is going to LOVE it! It's great! Best of luck with the auction. :o)