Friday, January 20, 2012

When it Snows in the Northwest

 ... it's never too far from rain.  Schools are cancelled, kids rush out to play... in the slush.  Grown-ups have to work.  News professionals adopt their serious, civic-minded voices as they urge extreme caution for anyone who needs to go out (on clear or only slightly wet roads).  By mid-afternoon, most teenagers wind up at the mall, and the snow has usually changed to rain.  This week, drenching rain, enough to flood the basement with rising groundwater.  Not a terrible flood, thanks to some of the repairs we made last year, but a definite nuisance.

The girls managed to make a snowgirl before it was washed away.  I didn't have the heart to tell them what a real, Northeast Ohio winter was like when I was growing up.  This will probably be it for their snow memories this year.  Sigh.  Mais ou sont les neiges d'antan?
I am immensely pleased with this picture.  As soon as she saw it snowing Monday, Tertia donned her jacket and raced outside to taste the snowflakes.  It's such a gift, having a child's heart always.  This came home to me this week, as we had to sign a permission slip for her to watch the PG-13 movie "The Outsiders" with her Lit class after reading the book.  She's really growing up, becoming a young lady, in so many ways.  We were worried the movie might be too intense for her, but she said she watched the whole thing: "I was a brave princess."  A brave princess who knows one must rush outside to taste the snowflakes when they first start falling.

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