Thursday, April 7, 2011

Middle-class Morality

I joke about it, but I've got it in spades, and vacations in Scottsville bring it out.  Or is it Midwestern Morality?  Maybe both.  So Steve and I always go out to the Cheesecake Factory and window shop when we're down for Spring break.  And I love this store called Gallery Z that has all sorts of decadent home decor in color groupings.  I bought a bag of Orange Grove potpourri for $20, and I went to the Coach bags store and tried on a lovely yellow one.  I think of it as training my eye so I know what to look for when I hit the thrift stores, and I guess it's not so bad.

Now we're heading home and crashed for the night at posh digs in SIN CITY itself, thanks to Grandpa's VIP timeshare points.  No casino on the premises, so I'm not hyperventilating yet.  Kids are a bit bummed that high winds have closed the outdoor pool, but the activity room with free DVD rentals and all sorts of electronic games has them feeling pretty good.  All in all, this place reminds me of the Lotus place in the Percy Jackson books, right down to the staff who say things like, "Only staying for one night?"  This is how Vegas replicates itself, I guess.  Kind of like a computer virus.

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