Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Silence of the Lambs

I'm blogging today about a subject different from my usual more lighthearted fare, and one that may be disturbing or offensive to some readers.  But I think it's an important one and feel compelled to write on it today, so consider this your trigger warning if you would find this unsettling.  I'll be back to more generally agreeable topics soon.

The latest video released in what looks to be a long series of hidden camera recordings of the sordid business of Planned Parenthood shows another scene of business lunch with a side of barbarity.  But this is barbarity cloaked in a chilling, mature cynicism, that of a doctor who has been killing babies and harvesting their parts for a long, long time.  The question of how much per specimen is so beneath her, she can't quite muster the appropriate courtesy for these middlemen who are promising to do whatever it takes to make her happy.  Although of course, she wants a Lamborghini.  But not so much that she can't laugh about it.  I think she has herself convinced she's doing this for the greater good, for Science.  Like Mengele.  Or Count Rugen.

Last week's episode was, of course, more obviously reminiscent of a horror movie.  Perky young thing munching on salad and sipping red wine, discussing techniques used to harvest baby livers.  "Like, wow, I didn't even know."  Was this pro-abortion Barbie talk the insensitive "tone" that PP president Cecile Richards felt compelled to apologize for?  Granted, it's easy to mock, but what about the apparent willingness to change to a "less crunchy" technique, potentially sacrificing the patient's best interest, to get the tissue you need to make the sale?  Seems like that goes a bit beyond the tone.  Check out Michelle Malkin.  And notice that when PP wants to sell an abortion to a pregnant woman, they don't let her see an ultrasound, or use anatomically accurate words to describe what tissues will be harvested; but when they're dealing with the dealers they can work with an itemized list of hearts, lungs, livers, lower extremities... all over a swanky, expense-account lunch.

It would seem impossible to deny the damning nature of these videos, but there are some weak protests of "hoax" and "fraud" coming from the left, and a whole lot more of... crickets.  Of course they're running scared.  You can always watch the unedited versions of these videos, if you have a really strong stomach and a lot of patience.  Planned Parenthood, unscripted.  This is the same organization that, a few years ago, strongarmed the breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen until they gave them back their protection money.  For now, they still have the unwavering support of the mainstream media and President Barack "God bless Planned Parenthood" Obama.  But it must feel a little different when your own calvarium is on the chopping block.

Just today I went to look up some of PP founder, Margaret Sanger's, more egregious quotes from her "Plan for Peace," and discovered it had been deleted from the ScribD website.  Fortunately, it's a big internet and you can read it other places as well: A Plan for Peace.  (In case you don't have the energy to sift through the ravings of a Hitler-era eugenicist, check out this quote for one objective that PP has done its best to fulfill: "to give certain dysgenic groups in our population their choice of sterilization or segregation.")

Of course there's no objective way to determine the worth of a fetal liver, once you've devalued all human life to the extent we have.  Fifty, $75, $100... that's not a huge profit really.  It might cover expedited shipping with dry ice but not a lot more.  If that's really the going rate, Planned Parenthood is not getting rich off of the sale of baby tissue ... alone... but the middlemen probably are.  And medical research is heading in a disturbing direction.  Or, PP is enjoying obscene profits from the abortion industry itself, and additional profits from lucrative secondary sale of fetal tissue (not to mention possible kickbacks and lucrative relationships with those who facilitate and fund this kind of research), all the while being protected from any kind of criticism by an entrenched good-old-girls network in the media and government.  And $1.26 million in tax dollars EVERY DAY.  It's disgusting, it's dirty, it's something no decent person even wants to think about, it's been going on for a long time, and it's got to stop.

For a positive way forward, please check out Abby Johnson's story; she was employed by Planned Parenthood but after coming to her senses she left the abortion industry and founded "And then there were none" to help others do the same.  And Brit Hume's concise analysis, if you haven't heard it yet, is well worth it.  And may God bless the people who are working to stop this.

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Kimberly Smith said...

Thank you for this post. I agree with it completely. I was literally nauseous listening to the video of that callous old woman making light of murder and dismemberment.