Saturday, July 18, 2015


 Today Steve took a picture of his shadow growing wildflowers...
 And of Daniel and me picking blackberries...
It was hot and there were briars on one side, thistles on the other.  Daniel wants to make plum-blackberry wine this year.  There are certainly enough plums. 
 I finished Peter's argyle socks this past week.
I think they look good.  Especially for as long as I've worked on them.  Now, do I start another pair of socks, and if so what kind... or do I return to one of my several long-lingering UFO's?  Or start a rug?  Or a dishcloth?  Or, as the Tour de Fleece is still going on, do I spin something?  Or maybe just bask in a little bit more of summer laziness?

Steve's sister and family were here for 4 days this last week.  Quarta's birthday festivities are next week, and I'll be packing her off to camp on her actual birthday.  I'll be packing Peter off to complete his training, too.  I think I'll be lazy for a bit longer.  It never seems to last long enough.

Today I sewed most of a Washi dress (it's a pattern I found on Pinterest) for Tertia, for a wedding we are all going to soon.  I have great hopes for this pattern and want to make one for myself as well, same size as Tertia's but with totally different fit adjustments.  I may use some of the vintage sheet stash I've acquired in the last few years.  

With some of the blackberries and some frozen blueberries I tried this Berry Clafoutis recipe for dessert tomorrow.

We watched the Book Thief movie tonight, while I did a big pile of ironing and stitched a bit more on Tertia's dress.  It feels lovely to get back to sewing for the first time in months, but it makes me feel like I really need to clean.  Which I do.

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