Thursday, July 23, 2015

Quiet House

Suddenly, the house seems much more quiet.  Peter flew off to AIT and is now acclimating to the Oklahoma heat and wating for the his class to begin.  We will probably not see him again until October.

Today is Quarta's 13th birthday, but she spent it with her friend G. and a bunch of other young people, travelling on this bus to camp in Montana.  It is her first time this far away from home. We celebrated her family birthday dinner 3 days ago, with steak, spinach noodle bake and a strawberry-rhubarb pie.
Two days ago she and her friend K., who also has a July birthday, planned and hosted a joint birthday party, baking this ombre cake with three boxes of cake mix and 4 cans of frosting.
 Ironically, the 4 girls (who did not make a huge dent in the cake) then watched the Hunger Games.
We are doing our part to alleviate hunger, as the plum tree is in full-on production mode and I'm trying to pick and give away or process 5-8 gallons every day.  The church on our street has a food bank and I estimate we donated about 150 pounds to them, plus several friends are taking bags, and last week the girls have even sold some.  The tree is still loaded.

But with Daniel working, and as quiet as Tertia is normally, the house is very quiet today. 

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