Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday - rainbow diamonds

The eight individual diamonds are done for my String Star quilt.  They have been done for about a week but I've been grading like nothing else matters all this time and have only just come up for air.  There are enough extra little diamonds to make little stars that I hope to use in the setting.

Next will be planning the setting.  I'm thinking solid medium gray background fabric, and somehow I need to work extra stars into it.  At some point I also need to clean up the royal mess I have made in my sewing area.  And hem Tertia's jeans.

It will probably be quite some time before I finish this top, but it was fun pushing through the piecing to get to this point.  At least I have something colorful and pretty to stare at now that the weather has turned gloomy.


garnet said...

Now that is one gorgeous star! Amazing progress. Having fun imagining the ways to finish the corners and side wedges.

DianeLoves2Quilt said...

That is a bright and cheerful star and you won't need gloomy weather to enjoy it. It will brighten your spirits all year round! I love the piecing part of a project and so this must have given you much joy.