Saturday, November 8, 2014

Randomday with Boyfriend Jeans

Last week was finals week for all my classes; after spending an insane amount of time grading I declared a moratorium on any further grading until Monday.

In a non-school moment last week it came to my attention that Tertia's wardrobe desperately needed attention.  She had only a few pairs of pants that fit after the mid-teen growth spurt when kids go from size 12 kids to 14, 16, and adult sizes in quick succession, and I culled two full bags to give away.  Which meant that today was designated as a mother-daughter shopping date day.

We hit Cascade Station, which I had never done before, thinking it was just a light rail station by the airport.  I guess I've been a fairly mediocre shopper for the last several years, or I wouldn't have needed someone to tell me it was a good place to shop.  She started giggling immediately after we pulled into the parking lot about the name of the store: Banana Republic.  Then we were looking at jeans and I read one tag that identified the style that fits her best: boyfriend jeans (because they have a cuff rolled up as if borrowed from a taller boyfriend).  We found a petite size that was the perfect length for her.  She hasn't really stopped giggling since.  "Boyfriend!  That's such a funny joke!"
 We bought a few more things at Ross and then hit the new Goodwill Outlet, where you buy by the pound.  We found two pairs of jeans that fit her perfectly, except for the length...
... I will need to hem these before they can be boyfriend style, or maybe just turned under like regular jeans.

Sarah Palin posted this sweet quote from the surgeon who performed her son Trig's eye surgery, and her thoughts after:

 "Compare his eyes to a 'normal' child's. Get a magnifying glass. Look deep. Their eyes are captivating inside! They're different, they're colorful, they sparkle. Surely God made these eyes to reflect what heaven must be." 
If only we all could see into and through the eyes of the innocent! They're God's sons and daughters who may not meet man's standards of perfection but will certainly meet His. Their enduring childlike faith and their patience with the rest of us can teach us what is important. Maybe if we look with those eyes, what a wonderful world we will see. 

It is a never-ending privilege to look into those eyes every day.  If I pay attention, I do learn what is really important.  And sometimes, it's shopping for jeans.

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