Monday, June 30, 2014

Some Grandma Quilts

It's design wall Monday over at Judy's blog and I realized I haven't yet shared these two quilts my mother-in-law brought over to be pinned recently.
I love this hexagon/triangles composition.
And this one is just stunning with all the batiks.

I am trying not to feel too depressed at how little sewing I've gotten done.  My own design wall hasn't changed in forever.  I mended some jeans the other day and fixed a ripped out hem, and that's about it.  I keep thinking I will have time, this summer vacation.  But I keep not finding it.

Yesterday the top cabinet in our kitchen pulled away from its moorings in the wall and we had to empty everything out of it and brace it with some 2x4's.  We are waiting from a call back from the handyman department of the designers who did our kitchen back in 2007, and hoping very hard the whole thing doesn't come completely loose and crash down, and that it will be a relatively simple fix.

Still waiting also for confirmation of Peter's arrival at Basic Training.  I'm sure they're keeping him busy.

Other summer things going on: raspberries are in season; we are having more leftovers from our Saturday cookout for dinner tonight; and I'm not really feeling the urge to take on any big projects.  The Tour de Fleece is starting soon and I'm not even sure if I'm going to participate in that.  And how did the potato salad disappear so fast?

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