Tuesday, June 10, 2014

School's Out!

Officially now for me as well, with grades turned in and inservice over.
Peter is in Washington, D.C. with the rest of the rising Senior class.
Taking in the monuments...
...maybe getting a little philosophical...
...and making the traditional stop at Five Guys.
Back on the home front, a few days ago Daniel bottled his plum wine.
Today he printed out labels and put them on the bottles, and turned the bottles on their sides for storing a little longer.  It supposedly needs the time to develop a bouquet.  I think it's pretty good from the sample I had before bottling, but I don't know much about wine.  It's pretty, though!

Tertia's last choir concert of middle school was tonight.  It was sweet to watch her.  She mimicked a bird in "The rhythm of life."  It's hard not to get rather emotional about it; choir has been central to her positive experience in middle school, and she's going on to a lot of unknowns next year.  She has a lot of friends -- real friends -- who are in the typical classes, and they support and obviously like her.  It's great that she had such a positive experience in middle school.

And Quarta took a Red Cross babysitting course on Saturday.  Now she's all set to join that competitive job market.

With school out for me, I hope to get back to blogging more.  I might even have pictures of quilts soon.

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garnet said...

Such a great feeling at the end of the school year with memorable experiences. Oh, when is the wine tasting?