Saturday, June 14, 2014


Here's a lovely bouquet of peonies from a few weeks ago.  A family at school donated buckets upon buckets of lovely flowers from their farm.  The lawn by the office looked like the Paris flower market or something equally exotic.  I don't think I've been keeping up with posting pictures, or posting at all for that matter, often enough.

Peter returned this evening from the Senior trip to Washington D.C.  They were certainly there during an eventful time.  When they were touring the Capitol, Speaker Boehner walked right by their group and greeted them in passing.  They were able to see the Supreme Court in session as it handed down that momentous pomegranate juice ruling, and they toured the Pentagon as Iraq tumbled into insurgency and chaos.  For some reason not completely clear to me, some of the group plucked grass from the White House lawn and ate it.

He has one week at home before shipping out for boot camp, which will effectively consume his entire summer.  In Oklahoma.

Daniel's wine is maturing in its bottles.  What we sampled is very nice, pretty strong, dry, smooth, with a tangy acidity and fruity richness.  When I compared it to some commercial white Zinfandel, it was much more complex and the Zinfandel tasted like a wine cooler by comparison.  That's my official but completely untutored impression.  I make no claim to be a wine critic.

Tertia was apparently voted "Most Improved Student" in her dance class.  I bumped into her teacher in the library today and she told me.  It's amazing how emotional these 8th grade girls are about graduating. At some point I need to figure out what we need to do for her high school.  I've been putting everything off this week though.

Steve and I are watching "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly."  I'm enjoying it a lot more than I enjoy most Westerns.  Strange how it can be so corny and yet use the classic techniques of moviemaking so effectively.  I will have the theme music stuck in my brain for quite some time.

I continue to be addicted to Duolingo.  I've been working on Spanish and German this month, and obsessively checking for when Dutch will be available in Beta.

It is really good to be out of school.  Really good.  I haven't done anything productive around the house other than scrub the toilets.

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