Thursday, February 14, 2013

SuvwI' paSlogh

"Warrior Socks" in Klingon.  I looked it up.
The care package arrived and Daniel was quick to take a modeled portrait:
It was the least I could do for him: he had to leave his bat'leth at home.
I have always felt the symbols for the DOT and the Klingon Empire were switched at birth.  Steve recently received his 30-year pin from one of the above.  Guess which.
The care package contained some cut-out cookies appropriate to the February holidays.  Secundus almost ate all the Washingtons before we could mail the package.  Narrow escape!
So now my official "finish" list for the year stands at two -- the socks that felted, and these socks.  I need to get some quilting done; that's been lagging.

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Lynette said...

Hi there. I can't knit at all, so anyone who can knit socks just seriously impresses me. :)